Rake & gather: a poem

All the detritus. Stifling.  Its pungent scent and brown-black spores.

Withered and toxic. Acids eats away at the tender shoots

  Gaillardia and coreopsis. Their sunny faces never reach mine.

I scrape and rake with ruthlessness. Over and over.

The hard, green plastic rake bends with my anger.

                    It is all I can do to change the world.

Bending to my will. Reasons to live.

Yes, pungent smells of decaying leaves lay among fungi.

I rake and gather. Rake and gather. Over and over.

It is all I can do to change the world.

The press for solid glueing and binding.

Gather & Rake, written months ago, is my tentative step at re-entering the world of artist’s books. A world in which I felt so at home more than 20 years ago when I lived as a “working artist.” Comfort is elusive, and the creation of this 5″ x 7″ book took as much strength and determination as it did raking up 60 bags of leaves this autumn. Perhaps more.

It is constructed with my handmade, cotton-linen paper, altered photos of pencil drawings, poem printed & re-assembled on Japanese paper using my old HP C44080 printer.  Corrugated paper covers are re-purposed from an old stationery \ box that I could not bear to throw out. Japanese-hinged pages allow for easy fold-out.

It is dedicated to my friends, Sally & Beth, with my gratitude for their encouragement & Faith, my editor. 

One thought on “Rake & gather: a poem

  1. This is beautiful, Tina. I am so happy to see and read what you create. Somehow it warms my heart that the humble blanket flower has a place in your poem; I only discovered it this past spring.


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