Summer dreams

Carry so much meaning

This summer has been spent waiting for THE grandchild. The role of grandma, nonni, or babka, has never been one I expected to fill. So, it is only fitting that I find integrating this new title with all its cultural ramifications into my life begins with the psyche. Coming on the heels (almost) of retirement, so much of my former identity has been displaced. I am displaced. Hence, the last time my dreams were this vivid and detailed was in my forties – another major transitional time.

While now, there is art to return to on a daily basis, it is a former vocation that needs so much nurturing in order to regain its central place in my life. And, frankly, I do not know if I have the stamina or the time any longer to accomplish this. Therefore, I pay tribute to all of this, hodge-podge as it is, with my recent artist’s book and the words.

Summer Dreams

Dreams are dense & convoluted
These days in this, my season of despondency.

Ensconced in a realm of vaguely familiar rooms

One after the other
Traversed with equally obscure purpose.

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