A ubiquitous plant

Our garden is surrounded by Black Walnut trees. Not much grows underneath, even among the shade plants, as everything about this tree is acidic. Yet over the decades I have come to love them. There is one that is absolutely majestic and dominates the garden canopy. Our compromise, the tree and me, is to plant hostas – all varieties for all the moods of spring and summer. They too have become well loved friends.

This bit of writing is a tribute to this unusual space that gives ways to the many personalities among the greenery.

Plantain Lily (Hosta)


Early evening in the garden. I dash for cover under the red pine.

A quick, hard summer shower drenches the carpet of wild grasses stretching ahead to the tall evergreens.

Surrounding a stone pathway, verdant hostas trumpet their variegated coats of colors in lime and mint and muted yellows.

Standing sentinels. Raindrops hang heavy on their broad leaves. Curving lips bend towards the soft ground to give a gentle kiss goodnight.

Boundaries merge with the dying of the day. All is fading.

Do you see how I, too, am only a shadow of who I once was?

Visit A Blue Bunny Studio if you would like to download a copy of this poem to print.

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