Peanut the Penguin

Book review: new author, Aruna M. Lepore

As a work of fiction, this picture book offers a tender story about a young penguin, Peanut, who possesses a special talent that is eventually cherished by his colony. The dynamic between Peanut and his mother are pivotal in that they present understanding and empathy between parent and child. The illustrations created in acrylic medium are “primitive” in the best sense, and use the most recognizable colors and species’ structure for a child’s view of penguins. 

Touted by the publisher for ages 3-8, it will have a special appeal to younger children and enhance understanding as the art reinforces the text rather than expanding it. Using  many of the traditional picture book design components, akin to the “Little Golden Books” series, the text often stands alone but at times is integrated with Lepore’s pictures that fill a page.  While references implied or direct regarding facts about penguins are omitted, it is the whimsical story line that is front and center for Aruna Lepore, a new author.

PDF of this softcover book was reviewed by Tina Hudak & Cielo Contreras

Lepore, Aruna M. Peanut the Penguin. Maryland: Bold Story Press, 2021.