A brief walk (Haiku)



Sprightly steps along

cemented hopscotchéd streets

Outing with first-born

TH 2018

5 AM. Wide awake. Uneasiness keeps me company with thoughts about a seriously ill friend who cannot escape her disease. These fill every crevice. Unrelenting grey skies today with a damp chill in air. 

Unexpected texting with my son leads to the first gift from December – an invitation to “stop by.” Car loaded with small tokens for the woman in his life, I leave this anxiety behind.

In the early afternoon, his block is bustling. Couples walking dogs. Kids running up and down the sidewalk. Yes! there are trees for sale at the neighborhood school. More joys to come from December.

Yet, it is breakfast we seek out at the local hotspot. Filled with young people, children, and good energy. Sitting at the bar, watching Liverpool vs. Everton (I, a Liverpool fan) on his phone, we drink hot coffee, eat omelets and such while I marvel at this amazing man who was once my child.

haiku generator that I used with my students, and still do!
Elle. July 28, 2018, eatingalltheday.blogspot.com/2018/07/elle.html.


Berthe’s treasure

Oh, broken china.

Cold moon. Bitter winds blow.

An heirloom lays in pieces.

Tina Hudak, ©2018

altered photograh

My mother-in-law was so generous with meaningful gifts handed down to my husband and me. Among these are many odds and ends of delicate espresso cups and saucers made in France, Japan, and Belgium.

Yet with a careless move, one breaks. It is not only the object but the heart that is shattered.